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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

AutoAlert : First look on the 2009 Citroen C3

AutoAlert Citroen C3 AutoAlert Citroen C3

The Supermini class just got hotter with the new Citroen C3 joining the Party soon to steal some attention the Fiesta & Polo is currently enjoying. The DS3 concept that debut earlier has shown off most of the design elements in the upcoming C3 as promised by Citroen officials. While the DS3 was created to rival the likes of the BMW Mini, the C3 caters to the masses who wants a stylish runabout that is cheaper to run.

AutoAlert Citroen C3

The crowning jewel of the C3 would be the 'Zenith' panoramic glass with progressive tint to keep out those harmful UV rays. Customers will be happy to know that the C3 will be sharing most of the high-quality interior trim found in the DS3 coupled with an upgraded insulation system. Pictures reveal a dash that features a generous amount of brush aluminium across the dash with an integrated LCD display that might house the Navigation system (touch screen hopefully :). As sporty as the steering might look it seems to be void of any buttons as opposed to the Current C4's control panel lookalike wheel. Perhaps the designer's at Citroen decided that drivers should not be distracted by the array of controls beneath their fingers hence reduce risk of accidents on the road.
AutoAlert Citroen C3AutoAlert Citroen C3
Anyway, customers getting the entry level variant does not need to pay road tax as it is equipped with Citroen's HDi engine emitting just 99g/km of CO2. Not resting on their laurels Citroen is going to push this green agenda further by introducing the start & stop technology to further reduce the C3's greenhouse gas emissions. Expect pricing to be around Polo & Fiesta with generous standard equipment if Citroen is serious in beating the 2 contenders.
AutoAlert Citroen C3
Source: Autoexpress


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