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Saturday, June 27, 2009

AutoAlert : New Volvo XC60 has arrived in M"sia

The most stunning Volvo yet has made its debut in Malaysia with looks set to stir emotions of potential customers in the premium SUV segment here. At a quick glance one will notice the projector headlamp coupled with signal indicator located on wing mirror.It sports a design language first seen in the XC90 a few years back that has undergone significant transformation to make this coupe-like SUV ever so ready to pounce on the tarmac ahead of it. Combining the Best of Swedish design the XC60 features a bold shoulder that sweeps from the front headlights all the way to rear. Personally I feel the front of the SUV is the most pleasing section of the vehicle especially the chunkier Grille and bumper that gives the car an elevated sense of depth.

Customers in Malaysia get to choose between 2 imported variant both powered by a six-cylinder turbocharged T6 3.0-liter engines producing a maximum of 285hp (210 kW) and 400Nm of torque at 1500 rpm. According to Volvocars Malaysia website, the 0-100 sprint time takes about 7.5 seconds. Power is transferred to the four wheels through Volvo's 6-speed Geartronic transmission and petrol consumption is rated at 11.9 liter per 100km under mixed driving conditions. Greenhouse gas emissions stands at 289 g/km while the fuel tank is capable of storing 70 liters of petrol.All variants also feature all wheel drive with Traction control along with Volvo's proprietary "City Safety" system.

Safety levels offered in this vehicle is of paramount level and what better way to boast about this claimed then a short overview on how Volvo's "City Safety" work. Its primary function is to avoid low-speed collisions in the city traffic. This feature is active below the speed of 30kph and with the help of a laser sensor mounted on top of the windscreen it is capable of detecting cars and other object 10 meters ahead of the vehicle's bumper. If the system detects a vehicle breaking suddenly in front of you the break is first pre-charge and if there is no action taken by the driver after a short period the XC60 will automatically hit the breaks for you.

Volvocars Malaysia is asking for RM360000 OTR for the T6 LE variant and RM 330,000 OTR for T6 SE variant excluding insurance. On the matter of insurance, customers will be delighted to know that Volvo is negotiating a lower premium for this vehicle that has a lower risk of accident due to the "City Safety" system.

Source: Volvocars Malaysia,


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