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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

AutoAlert: Updates on the China Car Market in Brief

BYD E6 will be launch in the second half of the year with pre-sale price starting around 200,000 Yuan. Source:

BYD F3DM will now be available to individual customers from September onwards. Before this the vehicle that has a Corolla Altis front with the ASEAN Honda City back was only available to corporate customers only. Source : Beijing Times

Changfeng Auto will release their latest SUV the CS7 manual in 2010 with the asking price between 108,000 and 129,800 Yuan. The front of SUV has strong design influence from the current generation Hyundai Santa Fe with a tinge of Mercedes M-series. Source: Changfeng Motor via

The Hong Kong – Shenzhen-Macao International Auto Fair saw the unveiling of the Chery A5 1.5 L Automatic which comes in 3 trims namely the Standard, Elite & Luxury Edition. Priced between 55,800 Yuan and 67,000 Yuan, this edition did not reveal much change in the interior and exterior design. Source:

The US will be getting the Hafei Saibao electric car that is designed by Pininfarina. This dated looking compact model will make its appearance in California in late 2010. Source : Edmunds via

Let’s give a round of applause for the arrival of the pink lady bug (Chery QQme or S16) slated to launch in June 2009. This 4 –seat 2 – door minicar has a 2315 mm long wheelbase & will be equipped with a 1.3 –liter Gasoline Engine which generates peak power of 62 KW. In the safety department, this lady in pink comes with airbags, ABS + EBD along with reversing radar. Source : Sina via

Personally I feel the Mini inspired interior design language is a small step forward in terms of the quality of materials used but I just can't swallow the Grandma's Rocking Chair door handle that makes the door panel look like a smiley with one red eye.


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