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Sunday, July 12, 2009

AutoAlert : Hyundai Veloster Set To Arrive In 2011

Hyundai is planning to offer consumers a vehicle that can satisfy the speed demon in them without the frequent trips to the Gas station. Hyundai's president & CEO John Krafcik said the compact sports coupe will bear 70-80% resemblance to the Veloster concept which debut at the 2006 Los Angelas International Auto Show. He further added, "It might be doors or a unique roof or something with the hatch. But it won't be like anything out there before in the small car segment." Well we will take his word for now and expect something that will stun the automotive arena by then.

John Krafcik also quoted that the car will be similar in size to the accent & it will be fun vehicle to drive without compromising on mileage. Power is expected to come from a 1.6Liter four-cylinder with direct injection producing 140 horsepower with mileage figures touching 40MPG.To further entice drivers Hyundai will include a screen in the dashboard for that 'cool factor'.

Source: Edmunds Inline


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