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Thursday, July 2, 2009

AutoAlert: Renderings of the Mazda MX-2

The MX-5 will soon has its smaller brother in the form of MX-2. Mazda's aimed for this car is to provide exhilarating driving experience in line with their zoom-zoom tag line and levels of efficiency that will put other roadsters to shame. Photos sourced from Automedia via Autoexpress shows strong hints of the Furai concept on the front with Mazda's current smiley face design theme. The back of the car shares design cues with MX-5 but I feel the tail-lamps can be better design to look more "3D" to complement the car's overall sporty image. The side profile shows dynamic lines very similar to that of the BMW Z4. This roadster is set to arrive sometime in 2012 according to Mazda.

Source : AutoExpress


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