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Friday, August 7, 2009

AutoAlert : Ilmor Engine Wonder

Autoalert Ilmor Engine Its a revolutionary 5 stroke petrol engine from a company best known for designing, developing and manufacturing high performance race engines for Formula 1 and IndyCar. This 700cc, three-cylinder has the capability of generating an astounding 130bhp & achieving 122lb ft of torque. According to Ilmor, these figures are achieved by having two fired four-stroke cylinders under high pressure, which alternately exhaust into a low-pressure central expansion cylinder, which, in a fifth stroke, provides a further expansion process on the exhaust gases. Engine balance is up to par with conventional 4-stroke engine by incorporating larger expansion cylinders. All this results in design that allows the turbocharged engine to achieve a diesel-like expansion ratio on spark ignition minus the polluting emmisions associated with diesel power plants. Should Japanese auto makers like Suzuki & Daihatsu which are known for their small displacement engines be worried about this outcome?
Autoalert Ilmor EngineAutoalert Ilmor Engine Autoalert Ilmor Engine


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