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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Daihatsu e:S Concept

Daihatsu is not letting all the big boys like Toyota, Nissan & Honda steal all the lime light in the Tokyo Motor Show after all its Japan is their homeland. The first of the 3 concept car Daihatsu will display is the e:S concept which stands for eco & smart..hmm paying homage to the brand of Car that inspired their interior dash design perhaps? Anyway the Daihatsu e:S sits on a shorten version of a current platform( Mira or Cuore ) as an educated guess) with a wheel base of 2175 mm. Daihatsu claims it could accommodate 4 passengers comfortably. The weight of the e:S was kept to miserly 700kg by clever use of lightweight materials. Combined with the Daihatsu's combustion engine equipped  with start-stop technology, the e:S can achieve fuel efficiency of 30km/liter without resorting to a costly Hybrid system. (Fuel efficiency was tested under 10-15 Japanese Test Cycle). Oh yes, I won't blame you for thinking that Daihatsu borrowed Toyota iQ's platform ;)

Source : Daihatsu


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