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Monday, October 12, 2009

Honda EV-N

Honda EV-N
It started with Volkswagen with the Beetle, BMW got inspired and decided to by the right for MINI from the Brits. The Italians followed soon with the Fiat 500. Now Honda has the EV-N paying homage to the old Honda life in a form of an electric car. No technical details have been release by Honda yet but one can see the U3-X Segway-like unicycles which is smartly strapped to the passenger door. Good for those who are lazy to walk after reaching their destination, unfortunately this will lead to a bigger belly overtime due to inactivity. If you look at one of the images below you will notice a solar panel on the roof harnessing power from the sun to recharge the battery. If you don't like the seat's pattern you can opt for one that suits your taste.The EV-N Concept is part of a larger display called the “HELLO!” (Honda Electric mobility Loop) display, where Honda will be showcasing a total “ecosystem” of mobility products. If you want an environmentally friendly car, this is it but if you want a 'looker' I think you should pass on this.

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