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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mugen Honda Civic Type-R

Mugen Honda Civic Type-R

Those living in europe & has £38,599 to spare can get their hands on Mugen's Honda Civic Type-R. For such astronomical price you get to customize your very own unit as you will be in touch with the engineers that are responsible for your Civic. Under the bonnet you will find the 2.0 liter i-VTEC engine forged by
Mugen using expertise gained from their involvement in F1 & GT racing. The powerplant is capable of churning out 237 horsepower along with a 10-percent torque improvement across the rev range. This feat is achieved by changing the pistons to improve the compression ratio, having a stainless steel exhaust pipes & a good tweak of the ECU. Forged alloy wheels capping four-piston mono-block racing brake calipers offer better breaking power to complement the increase in number of ponnies. If you are interested you ought to hurry up as only 20-units will be built.

Mugen Honda Civic Type-R

Source : Honda


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  1. I like very much to ride Honda Civic Type-R cars.