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Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Nissan Micra With Colours

Nissan Micra Autoalert

The Nissan Micra is previewed a year ahead of its official launch in the UK. Autoexpress presents us with these photos taken from a top-secret event held in Tokyo & it seems the overall exterior styling can be summed up with 2 words. (safe + mundane). The next generation Micra does look like an evolution of the current one but the new Micra actually sits on a new V-platform which according to Nissan is lighter & offer more cabin space. Nissan added that an all new Note that is due in late 2o11 will be build upon this versatile platform. It is common to see cars putting on some weight as the proceed from one generation to another but the new Micra is actually 50 kg lighter than the outgoing model. There will be a new three-cylinder engine & CVT auto gearbox to go along with the new Generation of Micra. Thrown in a start-stop system and you will end up with a sub-120g/km CO2 output with fuel ecomnomy of 60mpg. Sales will commence in October 2010.
Nissan Micra Autoalert

Source: Autoexpress


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