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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Nissan Draws Inspiration From Fish & Bumblebees

Nissan's concept car which look more like a friendly android will demonstrate how advance sensing and communication technology be used to hinder collisions when driving on the road. Come 6th of October 2009 the EPORO Robot Car will make its debut at the CEATEC exhibition which showcase the latest in electronic & information technology in Makuhari Messe Japan. Now what has bumblebee and a school of fish has to do with avoiding collisions on the road you asked? Well, the two species have extraordinary "anti-collision" abilities, navigating instinctively and intelligently through challenging terrain by detecting and avoiding obstacles. While this is done Biologically in the fauna kingdom, Nissan has a team of Brilliant engineers working on telling each EPORO to follow three fundamental rules outline by them :
AREA 1: Collision Avoidance
Change traveling direction without colliding with other fish.

AREA 2: Traveling Side-by-Side
Travel side-by-side with other fish while keeping a certain distance between each fish (to match the speed).

AREA 3: Approaching
Gain closer proximity to other fish that are at a distance from them.

The three rules are accomplished using laser range finder for lateral line sense & UWB communications technology will be used for the sense of sight..Toshiyuki Andou, Manager of Nissan's Mobility Laboratory and principal engineer of the robot car project said that extensive research has been done to study the behaviour associated with a school of fish with the hope of contributing to an environmentally friendly and traffic jam-free driving environment. .

Source : Nissan


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