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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ferrari To Consider Turbocharging

Ferrari Engine
Ferrari is considering using turbocharging in future engines, but it needs to improve the forced induction technology before it will make its cars available with the set-up.

Speaking with Britain's Autocar magazine, Ferrari engine chief Jean-Jacques confirmed that the company is preparing to use turbochargers, but that it will take time to develop a new version that will mitigate the effects of turbo lag. This confirms the patent drawings that leaked out earlier this year revealing a developmental two-stage turbocharging system from Ferrari.

He went on to explain that a delay of any sort before the power arrived was unacceptable for a Ferrari engine.It’s unlikely that Ferrari will be using Multiair, the Fiat Group’s variable valve technology, any time soon, though.

He said Ferrari had tried applying the system to an F430’s V8 but couldn’t get it to work at the power outputs required.“The main benefit from Multiair comes in torque,” he said, “and it is difficult to get it to work at high revs.”The report does confirm, however, that the dual-clutch transmission launched on the California is capable of handling the power from V12 engines, suggesting that the gearbox may be implemented across the range for future models.

His also said Ferrari’s dual-clutch transmission, currently only available in V8-engined Ferraris, was suitable for V12 cars and would work up to 10,000rpm.

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  1. We're planning to have one next year and I hope there could be more style and turbocharging for ferrari.

  2. I like to hear more latest car talk