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Monday, November 23, 2009

Perodua Alza Launched!!

Perodua Alza
Perodua has lifted the veil of its much anticipated Mini MPV called ALZA which means ‘to rise’ in Spanish. Perhaps a more 'Malaysian' name will be much nicer to the ears. The ALZA is basically a redesign Toyota Passo Sette/Daihatsu Boon Luminas which is supposedly aimed at the Proton Exora. The Exora being a 'full size' MPV can accommodate 7 passengers comfortably but I doubt the ALZA can beat that hence the ALZA should be pitched against the Nissan Livina & Toyota Avanza. To be honest with you the Alza is much more of a 5+2 (the 2 person at the third row has to be tiny to be comfy :(

Alza and Avanza actually use the same 3SZ-VE engine (DOCH,16V with DVVT Technology) though the Alza’s is transverse and the Avanza’s is longitudinal for rear wheel drive installation. Perodua claims that the 3SZ-VE engine churns out 76kW(104ps) at 6000rpm with torque values 136Nm peaking at 4400 rpm. The engine is coupled with either a 5 speed manual transmission or a 4 speed auto gear box. There are two trims of Alza both available in manual & auto transmission. The Auto Transmission is located on the instrument panel but the manual stick is located at the center console exactly like the Myvi.

Externally the premium version Alza can be differentiated from the standard version through the availability of front fog lamps & a rear spoiler. Perodua has decided to retain the stylish alloy rims throughout the whole range unlike the 2 different types of rims found on the Myvi to differentiate between the 1.0 & 1.3 liter variant.

Where the exterior of the Alza does not differ much as far as the trim is concern, the interior tells a different story of diversity. The standard version comes with amber illumination for the Optitron meter combination while the premium one gets blue illumination.
The door arm rest is coated with silver paint & internal door handles are treated to chrome finish for the premium spec while the standard version has to settle for the "material colour" which is black.

Another obvious thing you will notice about the premium version is the steering wheel. The higher grade Alza features a leather-wrapped wheel with audio swithches while the lower spec version gets a bare steering wheel.

There is a difference in seat cover material between the two trims but seats from both variant remain as comfy. In fact the Alza seats provide better thigh support for the second row passenger as opposed to the Myvi.

I did not get a chance to try out the integrated audio system on the Alza. In fact when I was in the showroom, there was a lion dance troop strutting their stuff to the point that I have to shout with the sales person to communicate. I can assure you that the integrated unit on the Alza looks & feels better than the ones found on the Myvi. The buttons actually "sinks into the console" when it is pressed thus providing the user a better feedback & a sense of quality. Try the ones on the Myvi followed by the ones on the Alza to see what I mean. The unit glows with same colour as the your meter combination. While both trim's audio system supports CD & MP3/WMA files, the premium version has additional USB & bluetooth support.

The premium Alza gets dual SRS airbags, ABS, EBD & BA(Break Assist) while the standard version is devoid of any form of these passive safety equipment. A mistake worth condemning as the much cheaper Naza Forza is equipped with two airbags. A new technology used prevents you from locating the position of the airbag as the cut out piece of plastic covering the airbag compartment is missing.

The plastic used on the instrument panel may not be the best out there but it has a softer(more rubbery feel) texture compared to the ones used on the Myvi. Unfortunately that is only true for the upper half of the instrument panel. The lower half is ruined by cheapo looking grey plastics. Cargo space at the rear is extremely limited when the third row seat is up.

Finally the price list of the Perodua Alza is listed below. Frankly it should be priced lower than what it is now but given Perodua's confidence of selling the Alza like hot cakes, lowering the price is the last thing on their mind now.

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