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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Renault Wind Ready To Blow

Renault Wind

The 207CC has a competing partner in a form of a Renault Wind. Autocar shine some light on the new vehicle :

This is the Renault Wind, a two-seat coupé-convertible that will go head to head with the Peugeot 207CC when UK sales start in June.

The Wind, which will be launched at the Geneva motor show next month, shares its platform and much of its front-end styling with the Twingo. Renault is keen to differentiate the two models, however, and will offer the Wind with its own unique interior featuring components borrowed from models higher up the Renault range.

Unlike most retractable hard-top roofs, which use a hinge system, the Wind’s set-up uses a central pivot, a technique inspired by the Ferrari 575 Superamerica. This ensures that the Wind’s boot space remains at 270 litres regardless of whether the roof is up or down. That figure is 40 litres more than the standard Twingo hatchback’s.

At the Wind’s launch, the car will be offered with two of the Twingo’s petrol engines: the 133bhp 1.6-litre unit from the Renault sport model and the Twingo GT’s 100bhp 1.2-litre engine. The latter will be the entry-level unit.
Renault Wind
Despite having the Twingo’s most powerful engine, Renault is pitching the Wind as a sports model and not a sports car. No Renaultsport or Gordini Wind variants are planned, but they could follow in the future.

The Wind is a little larger than the Twingo, too; its 3830mm overall length makes it 230mm longer.

Full details of the Wind will be confirmed at the Geneva motor show, where it will be displayed alongside Renault’s other new coupé-cabriolet, the Mégane. It will be priced to compete head on with the 207CC, from around £17,000.
Renault Wind

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