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Monday, June 29, 2009

AutoAlert : Minuscule Aston Martin the Cygnet

Always wanted an Aston Martin in your garage but can't afford it? The outcome from the joint venture between Toyota & Aston Martin might very well be the solution for the masses to own a piece of this premium performance vehicle with the exception that the vehicle being only slightly bigger than the smart for two.
Based on Toyota's city car the IQ, the Cygnet will also share the identical 3-cylinder engine and unique seating layout of the IQ. Customers are expected to see & feel the significant difference once they enter the luxurious cabin blessed with high end leather and the latest in creature comfort technology. Now the biggest catch is that only existing customers of Aston Martin are eligible to purchase one for themselves :( hence the dream to own one a piece of the 90 year old engineering legacy remains a distant dream for most of us. Of course unless the CEO decides not to restrict sales to their customers when it goes into production before end of next year.
News have it that Dr Ulrich Bez, Aston Martin chief executive discovered that 30% of the their customers also own a city car like the Smart for two or MINI meant for commuting around urban areas. So I supposed he felt that the company should be the one offering them the supermini instead of sourcing from other makers to complement the whole experience of owning an Aston Martin. Dr Ulrich further added that “The offering of a ‘Cygnet’ with a DBS, DB9 or Vantage is a unique combination of opposites and a novel transport solution allowing intelligent and sensitive mobility on an exclusive and innovative level,”. In a nutshell this premium commuter will still remain as a concept for now & I personally feel that the Aston's front Grille matches the front silhouette of the IQ. What do you think?


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