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Sunday, June 28, 2009

AutoAlert : Reviews on the Ford Fiesta

The Ford fiesta is one of the best selling vehicle in the supermini category but it has to fend off fierce competition from the likes of Toyota Yaris, Volkswagon Polo, Suzuki Swift, Vauxhall Corsa and the list just goes on.. But how did this Ford maintain its lead in the extremely competitive category of superminis? Does the eye-catching Kinetic design played a significant role in roping in sales or does the range of efficient yet peppy powerplants that ships in as a package performing the trick? AutoAlert is scouting for honest views & opinions from owners of the new Ford Fiesta. Should consumers fore go other marques and head towards the nearest Ford showroom to place a booking? Here are some review links collected from some top Auto magazines:

From The Sunday Times
August 31, 2008
Ford Fiesta

On the first count, it seems we have nothing to worry about. The Fiesta is
as cute as can be, from its rising waistline to its falling roofline, from the
ultra-slim headlights at the front to its clean, compact tailgate at the back.
And it’s better still inside: it doesn’t just look right with the mobile
phone-inspired centre console, classy dials and clean, clear ergonomics, it
feels right too. The driving position is perfect, and it feels spectacularly
well built for a car priced from just £8,695. So far so good....

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Our verdict
Ford gets the blue oval back on top - this is a
fantastic little car with a driving experience beyond the class
Given that the Fiesta isn't so small anymore its no surprise that the ride
and comfort quotient has grown as well. There's loads of space here - and the
car simply feels like it has managed to grab the waft from a car in the class
above. It works, simply as that.14 out of 20
There's no hot
ST at the moment - but there will be. Until then you get the whole range of
smaller engines from the Ford range. The pick at the moment is the 1.6-litre
petrol. There will also be a 99g/km ‘Econetic' that should perform well but not kill so
many daisies. 9 out of 20

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Ford Fiesta 1.25 (2009) CAR review
By Glen Waddington
11 February
2009 10:30
Ford expects the 1.4-litre petrol version of the Fiesta to be the
best-seller. And that’s fine, but we’ve a sneaking suspicion you might be missing out on the sweet-spot in the Fiesta range. The best news is that it’ll actually cost
you less too, both to buy and to run. Because we’re talking about the smallest
engine in the range: the 1.25.

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Do you agree with the reviews above? Do share your thoughts with us if you feel that the reviews provided above are biased towards the product.


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  1. kia offer value for money but may be not on performance or handling

    pls do comparison of hatchback 1.3 - 2.0L range