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Thursday, July 23, 2009

AutoAlert : The 2010 Saab 9-5

AutoAlert Saab 9-5 image
"It is easier to find a Moose in a German forest than to spot a Saab in Deutchland" according to Autobild. The 2010 9-5 will be the first model to debut under the stewardship of Saab's new owner Koenigsegg sports car. The fact that the car shares certain 'DNA' with the Opel Insignia isn't a surprising fact at all as the model was developed when Saab was still own by GM. Now what separates the Saab from all its GM cousin is the fact that it is 5.01 meters long thus putting it on Par with the Mercedes S Class. In comparison to its predecessor the upcoming 9-5 wheelbase grew by 13 cm to 2.84 meters.

The exterior design stays true to Saab's design language from the large trapezoidal grill to the chrome linings around the front headlights complete with LEDs. The indicator light located on the side mirror is darken in order to blend with the overall design.

The cockpit design is typically Saab with strong influence from its cousin the Insignia & Astra. Saab's signature mesh type air-cond vents still graces the dashboard. (personally I never like it ) The crown jewel of the dashboard has to be the 8-inch Panasonic navigation system with touch screen technology complemented by the Harman Kardon sound system. As always there is 3 equipment level offered by Saab starting with the Linear and topping off with Aero Hot. The Boot is able to swallow up to 513 liters of luggage.

Expected range of petrol engines kicks off with the 160ps 1.6liter turbocharged unit and goes all the way to 300ps 2.8liter V6 with 2 diesel power plants (2.0liter - 160hp & 2.0 liter - 190hp). Indications for the asking price for Saab's new flagship should be around 34000 Euros.

AutoAlert Saab 9-5 pictureAutoAlert Saab 9-5 imageAutoAlert Saab 9-5 imageAutoAlert Saab 9-5 imageAutoAlert Saab 9-5 imageAutoAlert Saab 9-5 pictureAutoAlert Saab 9-5 pictureAutoAlert Saab 9-5 imageAutoAlert Saab 9-5 picture

Source: Autobild


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