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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

AutoAlert : Ferrari F458 debuts

Autoalert Ferrari 458 italia The Successor of the F430 is now available in UK with a price tag no less then £175,000. It is the fastest and obviously most powerful Ferrari ever made with 0-60mph sprint of less than 3.5 seconds & going all the way to 203mph. The 4.5 liter V8 pumps out a mind blowing 570bhp at 9,000rpm while mated to a seven speed dual clutch gear box. According to insiders, this Ferrari was built to fend off fierce competition from the likes of Lamborghini & Audi that have seem to catch up on the prancing horse company in this exclusive segment.

Among the technological highlights that this machine carries includes specially design front air scoop to channel wind to the car's flat under tray that incorporates series of aerodynamic venturi tunnels. Ferrari's "e-diff" limited slip differential and adjustable F1-Trac traction control system together with the downforce those venturi tunnels generate at high speed ensures the car sticks to the tarmac like a Gecko. To enhance the design 'wow' factor, Pininfarina decided include LED technology into the headlamp while minimizing gaps on the body through cutting edge technology. This is truly an italian masterpiece at its best.

Autoalert Ferrari 458 italiaAutoalert Ferrari 458 italiaAutoalert Ferrari 458 italia

Source : AutoExpress


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