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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

AutoAlert : Fangs Of The New Peugeot 208

Pictures of the 207 successor has already surface even tough the 207 just receive a make over recently. Noticeable change will be the prominent nose with a huge badge, enormous headlights and bold air intakes. A design that will definitely make heads turn in the Malaysian street.It does resemble the sharp teeth of a feline beast with braces unfortunately but no less handsome. The new Peugeot chief designer Jean-Pierre Ploue wanted to car to be radically different from the 207 and it sure does succeed in making it. Details on this beast is still hazy for in the mean time but expect Peugeot to dumped its latest super efficient petrol & diesel + turbo charged engines into the car. Production expected to begin in 2012 according to Autoexpress.

Source: Autoexpress


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