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Monday, July 20, 2009

AutoAlert : JDM Lexus HS250h

AutoAlert lexus HS250h pic
The Japanese version of the HS250 h Hybrid car made its debut recently with a 2AZ-FXE 2.4 liter engine found under the hood coupled with an electric motor. The engine puts out 150 PS of power and 187Nm of torque while the electric motor which gets its juices from NiMH batteries makes 143 PS with 270Nm of torque. The two power source is brought together by the e-CVT to give a maximum of 190ps at any time. Interestingly there is an exhaust heat recovery system to shorten engine warming time.
Well other then the usual design cues found on most Toyota today, there is the LED headlapms and tail lamps to differentiate it from other non-hybrid vehicles. Other then this external 'signs' that tells other drivers on the road that you care for mother nature, the rest of the external body panel is very similar to a standard IS250.
AutoAlert lexus HS250h picAutoAlert lexus HS250h pic
But fear not because Lexus has kept the best part of the car exclusively for the interior. (My personal View). To keep both drivers & passengers safe the vehicle is equipped with a Pre-crash Safety System using millimeter-wave radar detects whether driver’s eyes are properly open and also determining direction of driver’s face. In the case the driver loose concentration on the road, the system will alert the driver with a buzzer & apply apply some break force. The Hazard lights will go off if there is a risk of crash & the headrest will be shifted to a proper position to reduce whiplash injury. Click on the thumbnails to view a larger picture.

Next on the list we have Lexus G-link system to grant you access to a concierge that assists you in various ways. If you really crash your car, the system will automatically communicates with the remote Lexus center to contact the police and fire department. The call center will then give you a ring to see if you are OK & if they don't get a feedback from you the ambulance will be dispatch as well. Talking about good service...of course this service will only be complimentary for the first 3 years of your ownership after which a fee will be charge to continue the service.

The area where the gearshift is usually found is occupied by Lexus "Remote Touch" system to operate most of the cars functions. Think BMW's iDrive & Audi's MMI system and you will get the idea.Audiophile will be delighted to know that this car is fitted with a 10 speaker Mark Levinson premium audio system as a standard feature with the option to upgrade to 15 speakers altogether. In conclusion HS250h is a good choice for buyers who find the Prius under equipped or just enjoys the finner things in life. Prices in US are set at $34,200 for the base model and $36,970 for the better equipped Premium version with arrival date around August.Cheers :)

AutoAlert lexus HS250h picAutoAlert lexus HS250h picAutoAlert lexus HS250h picAutoAlert lexus HS250h picAutoAlert lexus HS250h picAutoAlert lexus HS250h picAutoAlert lexus HS250h picAutoAlert lexus HS250h pic


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