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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Autoalert : The Jaguar Mark XXI Concept

The Mark XXI concept or Bionomic Autonomous Limousine is a brainchild of Chris Pollard from Coventry University. According to him the concept investigates the implications of autonomous technology on automotive design in terms of perception, function and aesthetic. The vehicle itself looks nothing like today's Jaguar accept the fact it is a luxurious lounge that transport its occupants to their destination of choice. Chris added that he draw inspiration from a leaf when he penned the design. This can be clearly seen from the generous use of photovoltaic panels covering much of the vehicle's body. These photovoltaic panels are made to be dynamic in the sense that it will rise to face the sun and follow it as the day passes. I personally see an uncanny resemblance to a beetle when that happens.

The absence of a dashboard makes the interior a true living cabin where everybody can sit around to socialize or take a short nap before arriving at the next destination. A combination of ambient lighting contemporary laid back seats pampers the occupant's senses. A feeling you get when you are surrounded by lush greenery of the rain forest which is in line with the theme of the project "Symbiosis with Nature."

Source : Car Body Design


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