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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Autoalert : Peugeot 408 gets out of shape!

Peugeot was doing great launching beautifully design cars which accentuates French Sexiness until this came along. It seems the designers have taken the wide & large grille thing way to far and damn the next generation 408's front fascia to look like a sucker fish. The rear has hints of the Astra too.The headlamp looks sharp & fine but the front bumper has Kia Optima/Lotze influence in it. According to Autoexpress the radical design of the 408 was meant to rival that of Mondeo's & Insignia. They added that sportiness is the theme for this generation. Currently there are no pictures available on the interior yet but French automaker promises a big leap in interior quality which will see he head-up display seen on the new 3008 to be included. The next generation of 408 will be sharing the same platform as the latest Citroen C5 which means the Hydropneumatic suspension might be thrown in as well. Expect a range advance efficient diesels to be found under the hood when the car hits the showroom in 2011. Development of a diesel-electric hybrid is in the pipeline as well, naturally.

Source : Autoexpress


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