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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Daihatsu Basket Concept

The Daihatsu basket concept is design to blend into your laid back lifestyle (if you are leading one) even if I do lead a carefree lifestyle, this Daihatsu wouldn't appear in my top list of cars to purchase given the unique styling it bears. Daihatsu claims it seats four and is great for the occasional family trip to the farm (if your family does own one). Like a picnic basket it ferries its passenger in comfort of linen & it comes with a removable hardtop roof over the front seats and a removable canvas top over the rear seats. The rear deck is design to accommodate all of your equipment without the worry of staining the floor. I salute Daihatsu's noble idea of a comfortable mild 'pick-up' truck but I wish it would look something more like a...well car. Engine specifications might be revealed later during the Tokyo Motor Show but knowing daihatsu, there is a high chance of throwing in a 660 cc unit.

Source : Daihatsu


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