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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Nissan Land Glider

This slick Nissan allows its driver to take on the curve like a speed demon because the Land Gilder actually tilts around the corner to shift its center of gravity. This technology reduces the chance of  your urban vehicle overturning if you happen to be going to fast around the corner. Speaking of urban Nissan designed this single seater to help curb urban congestion. Oh yes before I forget, this is actually an electric vehicle that will join the Nissan leaf eV in the Tokyo Motor Show. The interior of the Land Glidder matches its exterior futuristic theme with an eye-catching dash complete with joystick style steering wheel. You won't be getting any feedback from the wheels as it is a computer controlled drive by wire system.

On another note, Nissan will be showcasing a next generation Continous Variable Transmission (CV-T) in Tokyo. Nissan calls it the XTRONIC CV-T. Key improvements include :
  • A world-best change gear ratio range of 7.3, which is more than 20% better compared to conventional CVT of the same class.
  • reduced total transmission length by 10% and weight by 13%.
  • Unit efficiency has been improved by reducing friction by 30% through reduction of oil agitation resistance and others.



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