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Friday, October 30, 2009

Toyota Flower

Toyota Flower
Toyota seems to know no boundaries when it comes to creativity & innovation though most of their production cars look dull lately. Toyota has created two flower species that absorb nitrogen oxides and take heat out of the atmosphere. This flowers are planted around the the grounds of Toyota’s Prius plant in Toyota City, Japan & its a derivatives of the cherry sage plant and the gardenia.

According to Toyota, they have been criticised by its rivals, who claim the company’s petrol-electric Prius isn’t as green as other conventional vehicles once the car’s manufacturing process is taken into account. So the planting of this genetically modified plant is aimed at reducing the impact of manufacturing a Prius on the enviroment. Now the equation fits together haha.

Hybrid Badge
Gardenia's leaves create water vapour in the air while sage derivative’s leaves absorb harmful gases hence they both function as a pair to reduce the need of cooling & cleaner air around plant. The plant at Tsutsumi also features solar panels on its roof & photocatalytic paint on its exterior walls that also absorb harmful gases.
Toyota Flower
Toyota Prius

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  1. As an additional marketing ploy, maybe they should include little plastic flowers with their Prius's like VW does with the bug

  2. Agree with you Gary, although the flower will look out of place in the prius.