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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Car Review : Ferrari 458 Italia

Autoalert Ferrari 458 italia
The Ferrari 458 Italia was officially revealed to the public during the Frankfurt Motor Show this year. The Italia will set you back at least £149,246 excluding VAT in the UK, €162,900 in the europe & $240,000 in the US. Prices may vary at according to trim & equipments.The following is the spec list together with views from the experts.
Autoalert Ferrari 458 italia
Ferrari 458 Italia
 Ferrari 458 Italia
 Ferrari 458 Italia

Ferrari 458 Italia Technical specifications

Dimensions and weight

Overall length 4527 mm/178.2 in

Overall width 1937 mm/76.3 in

Height 1213 mm/47.8 in

Wheelbase 2650 mm/104.3 in

Front track 1672 mm/65.8 in

Rear track 1606 mm/63.2 in

Kerb weight* 1485 kg/3274 lb

Dry weight* 1380 kg/3042 lb

Weight distribution 42% front - 58% rear

Boot capacity 230 l/8.1cu ft

Fuel tank capacity 86 l/22.7 US gall./18.9 Imp. gall.


Front 235/35 20" x 8.5"

Rear 295/35 20" x 10.5"


Front 398x223x36 mm/15.7x8.8x1.4 in

Rear 360x233x32 mm/14.2x9.2x1.3 in


Type V8 - 90°

Total displacement 4499 cc/274.5 cu in

Bore/stroke 94x81 mm/ 3.7x3.2 in

Maximum power 425kW** (570CV**) @ 9000 rpm

Maximum torque 540Nm (398lbs/ft) @ 6000 rpm

Specific output 127 CV/litre/1.55 kW/cu in

Maximum revs per minute 9000 rpm

Compression ratio 12.5:1


Maximum speed >325 km/h/>202 mph

0-100km/h (0-62mph) <3.4s>

0-200km/h (0-124mph) 10.4s

0-400m (0-437 yards) 11.3s

0-1000m (0-1093 yards) 20.3s

100-0 km/h (62-0 mph) 32.5 m/106.6ft

Dry weight/power ratio 2.42 kg/CV/7.16lb/kW

Fiorano lap time 1'25"

Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions

Fuel consumption***(European market version) 13.3 l/100km

CO2 Emission*** (European market version) 307g CO2/km

Transmission and gearbox

F1 dual-clutch transmission, 7 gears


E-Diff3, F1-Trac, High-Performance ABS

*with forged rims and Racing Seats

**Including 3.7 kW by ram effect

*** ECE+EUDC combined cycle

EVO Magazine:

Car & Driver :

The Feel

Turns out, driving the 458 quickly is practically effortless, like strapping on parabolic skis or doing square roots with a calculator. With an 11.5:1 ratio, the steering is unbelievably quick and surprisingly light, as though the front axle were barely touching the ground. Still, the grip is tenacious, the turn-in to a corner so fierce and direct that you’ll swear it has a rudder tilling the asphalt.

The Experience

Inside, the cabin is slightly larger than the F430’s, and there’s more space behind the seats for golf clubs or small bags. Ferrari has moved more controls onto the electrically tilting and telescoping steering wheel, pruning all column stalks and putting wiper and headlight controls at your thumb tips. Because the column stalks are gone, the shift paddles are longer and easier to hit, and the hyperquick steering means you’re only spinning the wheel 90 degrees off-center in U-turns.

The five-position manettino rotary switch on the wheel governs traction control and stability control and throttle, suspension, and shift settings. It has a new option called “CT off,” or “a driver’s parachute,” according to De Simone. This is a new, high-threshold setting for the stability control that allows so much oversteer that you can be looking out the side window before the computer will intervene to prevent a full spin. We used it to great effect on a mountain switchback to do some no-fear fishtailing silliness for the camera. As we said, easy. Another steering-wheel button allows you to reset the magnetic shocks to a softer setting even if you’re still in the hard-core “race” or “CT off” mode. That’s great for Italy, where lumpy pavement in the mountain passes can toss your cookies around.Read More

Automobile Magazine :

Baby Enzo, anyone? The Ferrari 458 Italia’s a dead ringer!

Funny you should say that, because not only does the 458 bear a striking resemblance to the legendary supercar flagship, it can actually lap the Fiorano circuit in the same 1min 25sec. That’s the same as the stripped-out Scuderia by the way, and 2sec quicker than the F430 it replaces.

Impressive, but with the eco-conscious Mille Chili concept from 2007 fresh in my mind, I’m guessing that this thing weighs 1000kg and has a hybrid motor stuffed behind the seats?

Not exactly, but the 458 does employ some of the Mille Chili’s ideas, including active aerodynamics. Two fins located at either side of the front grille are designed to deform at speed, partially blocking off the grille needed to cool the front-mounted radiators at low speeds and directing the air around the car, reducing the drag co-efficient. Read more

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