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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Jaguar C-Type Illustration

Jaguar C-Type
The Brit feline is going to steal some limelight on them again with the all-new- C-Type. The Jaguar C-type will be sitting below the XK, the C-Type line-up will cost between £45,000-£50,000, targeting top-end performance cars such as Audi’s TT RS, the Mercedes SLK 55 AMG and Porsche’s Cayman with a blend of pace, luxury and practicality.-----

As stunning as it may look Jaguar is also infusing elements of practicality into the car. Being similar in size with the Audi A5, it will have a useful boot and while our images show only two seats, the finished article is likely to have four. According to Autoexpress, the C-Type will likely to be available as a fixed-head coupé or, as shown by our illustrations, a roadster.

Looking under the bonnet of the C-Type one will see Jaguar’s latest 5.0-litre V8, producing 380bhp. There’s also the possibility of a twin-turbo diesel and even an R version powered by the company’s supercharged 500bhp V8. The six-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters will complete the entire power train. ----

Aluminium monocoque chassis keeps the weight of the C-type low while providing sharp road handling. Expect the C-type to appear as a concept car around 2011 with the production version rolling off the following year.
Jaguar C-Type

Source : Autoexpress

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